Call of Duty: Black Ops III 1v1 expectations

The next installment in the Call of Duty franchise is due for release on November 6th.  Most 1v1ers are wondering if Black Ops III will be the next CoD to attract a passionate, competitive community and join the list of the best CoD multiplayers. The beta took place almost two months ago, so we already have an idea of the gameplay and eSports features.

What can we look forward to, and what do other gamers expect from the next Call of Duty blockbuster in 1v1ing?



There will be nine Specialists in the final game each with their own special weapon and ability.

ImHybridKid believes that Specialists will inspire more teamwork than 1v1ing because players will be able to combine their specialists to complete their objectives. Plenty of team-based modes will be more competitive than before, but there is still the possibility that Specialists will add a long-term game to 1v1 matches. Specialists might have certain strengths that can be countered by other specialists, so adding a guessing-game factor to your opponent´s style of play will motivate you to choose another Specialist that counters your opponent’s strengths or hides your own weaknesses.

Perhaps players will agree on using the same specialist to balance a match, or a player will give up choosing a map or host advantage in order to be able to use his favorite specialist. The 1v1 community is creative and will definitely find a way to implement Specialists into 1v1 matches.

Better Movement System


Advanced Warfare was expected to breathe some new life into CoD multiplayer with a new movement system which would allow for fast tactics to get around multi-layered, vertical maps. Higher vantage points would help snipers, and short, long jumps with jetpacks would allow ground players to escape near-death situations at the last second.

None of this worked out because as 1V1LB’s Achilles said, ¨The mechanics were filled with the double jumping action, and it ruined the 1v1ing. All the maps on AW had to be made HUGE to combat with players being able to get around the map so easily.¨

But from my own and others´ experience with the beta, the double-jumping can’t be abused as much in BO3 because you don’t float in the air as long nor can you jump as quickly and as high. The most common new movement is wall-running, but that keeps you within mid-range and you put yourself in a dangerous position since a slight slip on the controller will cause you to fall to your death. You also have to pay a bit of attention to jumping off at the right moment because you might run too far and straight into a hellish abyss.

No Aim-Assist for Sniper Rifles

The new ADS in BO3. You can see outside the scope now-

The new ADS in BO3. You can see outside the scope and a mini-map now.

1v1LB’s Desxre brought up that sniper rifles in BO3 do not have aim-assist. This is one of the things that 1v1ers fear might ruin the 1v1 community for BO3, but this could be a great thing because it will reward snipers with better aim when they land a great headshot or get any kill. Players will feel as if they have earned their kill and other players will be left in awe as they see you play. 1v1ers will gain more respect from the 1v1 community for their great aim, and their players will be less angry when they lose because they’ll be able to accept a loss to their opponent because they didn’t have aim-assist.

A Variety of Maps

Achilles also discussed how some of the maps in the BO3 beta were too big, and that could reduce the spawntrapping that the 1v1 community enjoys and uses as a tactic against their opponent. However, the maps aren’t as big or as vertical as the ones in Advanced Warfare, so the wall-running and jumping allows for some clever shortcuts to the other sides of the map which a skilled 1v1er will be able to use for a great position as soon as their opponent spawns.

BO3 is also bringing back a revised version of Nuketown, and Black Ops games tend to have a balance of small and big maps.

1v1 Objective-based Matches

Uplink in BOIII

Uplink in BOIII

The fast, but fair movement in BO3 allows for players to play objective modes at a frenetic pace in a 1v1 format. Achilles mentioned how objective matches have a time limit, so that pushes players to strategize and improvise under pressure. Matches with time limits will add plenty of tension and suspense with plenty of exciting comebacks that you often see in physical sports like football and basketball.

A 1v1er´s Free-For-All ability will still be important in an objective game-type because you have to bring down your opponent while they are defending or attacking the objective, but you’ll also have to think of new tactics involving movement around the map, using the objective as bait before starting a counterattack, and risking your life in order to complete an objective for a point while giving your opponent the first chance at the next objective during your respawn.

Uplink in the BO3 beta was one mode that I played 1v1 with a few opponents and it worked perfectly on each map no matter the size. For those of you that have never played Uplink, players spawn on opposite sides of the map next to an uplink (like a basket) with a ball in the middle of the map. Each player has to get the ball and take it to their opponent’s uplink to either throw it in the uplink for 1 point or jump through the uplink for two points. The catch is that you can only melee your opponent while you have the ball in your hand.

It is a simple mode that combines aspects of basketball and hockey because you can also throw the ball out of the map to make it reset to the middle or bounce it off walls or on rooftops to position it in the ideal spot. Over time, you learn new techniques and tactics like passing the ball to your opponent so they can’t shoot you while you pull out your gun, shoot them in the face, then grab the ball from their corpse and score a point in a span of a few seconds. You will scream the first time you turn the corner and see the uplink 10 ft away from you, but your opponent has their sniper ready for a headshot, so you throw the ball immediately and you see the ball go through the uplink for 1 pt as you die.

BO3 is definitely a game that any 1v1er should be excited about. It might change things that plenty of players have gotten used to over the past games, but remember that those Call of Duties that you love also changed a lot from their previous game and many players were afraid of those changes. Great players at the time grew to appreciate the changes and find new techniques to share with the community and create a memorable multiplayer game. Great players not only adapt to their environment, but take the initiative with what they have to stay ahead of their opponents. BO3’s changes are not something to be afraid of, but an opportunity for great players to seize.

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